Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dirksen Derby Day 2: Carnage and Tribute

I just got back from the A-Rob movie premiere and it put me in a bit of a funk. For his part in Manifest, Aaron Robinson could have been the next big thing. Or at least the next underground, cult 'big' thing. For those of you who don't know, Aaron died before the movie wrapped. His friends finished the movie for him and did their best to end it on a positive note. I can't help but think about the one guy who wasn't in the room, but should have been. The guy everyone was talking about, but not one said a negative word. The guy pictured on the commemorative snowboard up for silent auction (if it went for less than a grand, it's a travesty). I just can't help but wonder why.

In more amusing news, I made the finals of the Derby. Amusing because I fell on the right course and almost fell on the left. Timing error, they said. Come back tomorrow. OK.

Also, it was a demo day at Mt. Bachelor. Does it sound like a good idea to ride four different boards on race day and have some guy who is not you set it up before you race? I'm just sayin'. Keep an eye out for reviews of this year's Arbor Wasteland, K2 Turbo Dream and Lib Tech Travis Rice. All good rides, but my favorite was the Wasteland. Get to Meadows tomorrow (12/18) and get your own board swapping. I don't know where the demo tour goes after that, but if you live in Washington or Oregon, you might want to look it up...

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