Thursday, October 27, 2011

You Must Learn Avy Skills

The North Face is on tour with a little snow safety mission called KNOW Boundaries and they swept through Portland last night with their message of backcountry awareness. Pro ski mountaineer Hilaree O'Neill broke it all down, from picking the right probe to picking the right partners. The presentation was based mostly on this video series and was in absolutely no way meant to replace a Level 1 Avalanche Certification. I'd call it a Level 0 certification: a free hour that doled out basic information about all the things you should be considering when you leave a resort gate and enter avalanche terrain. An interesting starting point, nothing more. If you've got time and want a free shirt, find the tour stop nearest you and get learned! (if that's Olympia, Wash., you get to hang out with Lucas Debari)

Hilaree, what's up with this pack with the bright red handle?

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