Friday, September 16, 2011

Absinthe and Yes Joint Premiere Saturday!

Just kidding, but you can click here to play.
The Sphere of Influence Tour is back again. This year Absinthe is expanding their carbon-neutral tour to include Yes Snowboards. Absinthe must have been lacking in creativity on the naming front this year, as they went with twel2ve for their title. Not to be outdone, Yes went with It's a Movie. Wow. I'm sure they saved their creativity for the films. Absinthe always brings the goods and I'm excited to see what Yes has up their puffy down sleeves. The smart money is on pow.

The shred double feature is at the Hollywood Theatre at 8pm, Saturday, September 17. If you miss it there or are so stoked you need to see it again, right away on a big screen, they're showing it on Sunday out at the Resort at the Mountain in Welches. Spittin' distance. Tickets are $15. Get 'em at the door or a local boardshop (Exit, Castle, Gorge Performance or Mt. Hood 26 for the Welches show). See ya there!

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