Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Wordplay: For the Dogs

I was talking to Bob before a meeting the other day. His girlfriend got a new dog. Here we go. I don't much care about dogs, but I know what question comes next. "What kind of dog, Bob?" It came out before I even thought about it. The answer is what blew me away. A Silken Windhound. A what!? A Silken Windhound.

I have no idea what he said next. Something like a whippet with long hair. I'm still wowed by the name. Everyone in the room thinks I'm giving Bob shit. I'm totally serious.

Best. Dog. Breed. Name. Ever.

Put it this way, he used to have a greyhound (might still). Bo0o0o-ring! Not a jazzhound, not a redhound, just a greyhound. At least they run fast. Probably trying to escape their boring name. This is a Silken Windhound. It might as well be an anime character or a diety in the Buddhist pantheon. Perhaps a Boeing tagline: Ride the silken wind. Whoever came up with that one gets a gold star. Unless it was the same person who came up with greyhound. Then I have follow-up questions. Who the fuck names their cross-country bus company after the boring one? Not enough room on the side of the vehicle for Silken Windhound?


  1. I have a Silken Windhound. In fact, I have 4 of them - best name of a breed and great dogs, to boot. Very soft coats that need little care. They shed rain and dirt. And they run like the wind, with all that hair trailing out behind. Fun for cuddling and fun for play.

    Yup, they are sight hounds, so their agenda is slightly more important to them than yours. But, with a little training, you can learn to motivate them to get your way . . . well, most of the time . . .

  2. Thanks for the insight, Katie. Also, great choice of words. "...their agenda is slightly more important to them than yours." I hear many pet owners nodding in unison.

  3. when i was first researching the breed we called them "magical feyhounds"


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