Monday, May 16, 2011

Superpark 15: Adios!

Superpark 15 presented by Snowboarder Magazine and Gatorade has now come to a close. My final day was without question among the most spectacular snowboarding I've ever seen. Every feature was getting hit hard from every angle, like an orgy at a geometry convention.

First off, again, was the big wall. Scotty Blum was at the scene of the crime. His fingerprints were all over the coping. Seriously, t-shirt and bare-handed. White wedding steez. Me, I missed the shot. Don't worry, though, Snowboarder got it.

Yup, I totally blew it.
After that the rumors started flying about jump sessions. I went to the High Cascade booter and saw the slowest rodeo ever. The sort of sickness that you wish was contagious. Didn't catch the rider, but I think it was Chelone Miller. At about the same time, the buzz started about Scotty Vine and his 720 one-footer. I missed that, too. Good thing Snowboarder got it. What would we do without them?

Style arm. Dude's got it. Snowboarder has the one-footer in their video. Link above.
Yes, I did get a chance to peep the Seven Springs-constructed gap hip. Kids were hucking more meat than a fishmonger on meth. Speaking of which, methods were getting issued. I wish I knew who these kids were, so I could give proper props. How 'bout some more mediocre photos instead?

Erin Comstock going bigger than you

The other side.
My day came to a close at the rail cube, where as The Eagles might say, the warm smell of colitas was rising up through the air. Also rising up through the air were dudes like Sean Black and Joe Mango, both 450-ing off the corrugated. The crowd of bros looking on were just enjoying the riding, smokin' dank as the sun sank.
The game cube. Not Nintendo. If it was, I would have hit the 'B' button for backflip.
It was a great end to the day and for me a great end to my first Superpark experience. I'd like to thank Pat Bridges for the invite and all the crews at Gatorade, Mt. Bachelor, High Cascade, Planet Snowtools, Seven Springs and anyone else I might have forgotten. The experience won't be forgotten and may never be replicated. If there is a next time, maybe I'll even get the shot.

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