Sunday, March 27, 2011

Board Exam: Lib Tech Mark Landvik Phoenix 2010/2011 Snowboard Review

What the rep said: Stiff, wide and not much sidecut. Point it and hang on.

Stats/Setup: I'm checking in at 6'1" and 165#. I rode the Lando in a 157 Wide with 32 Focus Boa Boots (size 10.5) and Union Force SL Bindings at Mt. Hood Meadows.

Boot-top pow and soft groomers

First impression:
Two-headed cobra. Awesome!

The Ride:
I only got one run. After what the rep said, I decided not to hold back. The board did just what it was meant to do: charge. High-speed, big-radius turns were made for this board. Crud? What crud? Like any assassin, it goes by two names. Those are 'stability' and 'dampness.' If it were a Mexican assassin it would have a third name, but I don't know how to say 'merciless' in Spanish.

View all the gory details over at Lib's site
Anyway, the more you put into this board, the more you get out. But you better be ready. Prepare to overshoot your everyday jumps because it pops like that. Prepare to run into lifties because you can't stop. Check that, prepare to run into waitresses. In the upstairs restaurant. That's how hard this board charges.

Don't worry about pressing, buttering, dancing or getting out of the way. Some avoid, some get avoided. When you're on this board, you'll know you're role.

Bottom Line:
Charge!! Not exactly a board for beginners.

Similar Boards:
Burton Supermodel X, Salomon Burner
(I kinda wish I had those reviews back. I'd charge harder...)


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