Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bud Fawcett Photo Gallery Showing

'Back in the Day' in Pictures

Tucked halfway between Portland and Salem is the small town of Aurora, Oregon. The hazelnut trees outnumber the residents, with antique shops coming in a close third. Hazelnuts, while high in healthy monounsaturated fats, can operate neither snowboard nor camera. That's where Bud Fawcett comes in. A resident of Aurora via North Carolina and North Lake Tahoe, Fawcett was the man behind the lens of countless old-school snowboarding photos. He's put some of his favorites together for his first ever gallery showing in Aurora's White Rabbit Bakery.

Follow the white Forester to the White Rabbit

Come for the shots, stay for the snacks (and a great gluten-free selection)

As a comparative new-comer to snowboarding (I started riding in 1998, Fawcett's photos start in 1985), I didn't see most of these photos when they originally ran. Nevertheless, looking at them today, I'm still filled with nostalgia. Those tweaks are impossible with today's bindings. That style. That personality. That power. Fawcett's photos illuminate these qualities unmistakably. There will never be another Shaun Palmer.

Photos of Palmer, Kelly, Brushie and Seoane joined photos of family and nature

Bud says, "I chose images for this exhibit that represented those special ‘ah-ha’ moments in my photo career. " He explains this moment with each image for a cumulative class session from a master in the field by the end of your visit. The only thing you have to pay for this course is attention.

If you do have some fresh holiday cash, now's the time to get an iconic print. The 7.5" x 10" prints go for $25 or $40 in-person at the bakery. Or you can order them online - anywhere from $50 to $600 depending on size or other options - at Fawcett's site.

The show runs January 4 - 30. See White Rabbit for hours. Don't be late!

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