Thursday, November 4, 2010

Portland First Thursday, Snowboard Style

Portland residents know that on First Thursday, downtown is where the art is. The wine flows like beer, the fancy duds come out. Not usually a scene for a bunch of snowboarders. November's First Thursday (the 4th) at The Lizard Lounge (1323 NW Irving Street) is fixing to crack that mold. The gallery, dubbed "HOOD is where the heART is" will combine a photo gallery and video premiere focused on that snow-covered pyramid Oregon knows well. Raffles of Shwood, Coal and RVCA gear, along with Timberline lift tickets and Lizard Lounge gift certificates will benefit the one and only SnowDays Foundation. Need another reason to show up? Widmer will provide the free suds (to those of age) and the party will be poppin' from 7 to 10pm. More info here. Cool interview about it here. Finally, snowboarding recognized as art, not just sport.

Northwest snowboarding art in pictures still and motion


  1. Well shit, if I'd seen this yesterday I would have gotten my ass off the couch for the first time all day and drank THEIR beer as opposed to my own.

  2. I guess that'll teach you to sleep on the yak...


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