Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forum Double Fucks Portland

No one does Willamette waterfront warehouse snowboard video parties quite like Forum Snowboards. Don't believe me? Check out the On Air warehouse at 1300 N River St. on Saturday, October 16. Forum's new team movie Fuck It will be playing not once, but twice this weekend. The all-ages showing is at 7pm and PBR will be flowing at the 9pm show ($2 each or 2 for $3, no freebies here). Also at 9, riders Peter Line, Stevie Bell, Jake Welch, Austin Sweetin and Cameron Pierce will be tossin’ out product to the jams of DJ ISM. Aforementioned riders will appear for an autograph signing on Friday the 15th at US Outdoor Store. Check their blog for more details. And if you want to check out a teaser that will remind you of Top Gun, head over to Forum.

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