Thursday, January 21, 2010

Robotfood Double Feature at Exit Bridgeport!

That's right snowboard fans, Fuel TV and Exit Real World are coming through with Afterbang and Lame, Friday, January 22. As an interesting aside, Afterbang is the last shred flick I ever bought on VHS. It's still hanging on, too. Back to the near future, pre-party starts at 4pm with snacks and drinks, small talk and aimless milling about. Store discounts, movie posters and Afterlame DVD give-aways encourage early attendance. The projector rolls at 7pm, so don't hit snooze too many times. By the look of things, this is going to be an every Friday type of deal. Check out Exit's site for all the bits and pieces.

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  1. Ha. Lame was the 1st snowboard movie I bought on DVD, and I thought I was behind.

    Note: I do realize I'm commenting on posts that are 3 months old.


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