Saturday, June 20, 2009

Road Rollin'

I know things have been slow around here for a bit, but I'm on the road. Currently, I'm working in San Francisco, but in another day or two I'll be in Sequoia National Park, followed by Death Valley, Las Vegas, etc. etc. Destination Williston, ND and my 10-year high school reunion. If anyone has suggestions for stops between here and there, let me know.

The great outdoors is such a wonderful thing, especially when you get to see something new. I took a day off on Tuesday and instead of sitting at the machine and updating my blog, I went out to Muir Woods for the day and hiked among giant trees. Truly awesome. Here's a sampling.


The Kent Tree, once Muir Woods' tallest, now feeds the forest floor.
Note how small the fence posts (and other trees) look.
Also about 2/3 of the tree's 'height' is out of frame.

It's hard to get a good shot of a 300-foot tree with a 2-megapixel camera phone. I'll post more when I have time to look through my camera. For now, back to work. Oh yeah and anyone with suggestions for stops on the long road through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and such, fire away. I've got some serious blacktop to burn...


  1. If you can swing it try to get up into the North East Corner of Utah through the Canyons up there and time it for around Sunset the red color with the sun setting is amazing.

  2. Word. I was in Arches when I first saw that phenomenon. Something about the sunset on sandstone just ignites the rock with a color and intensity like molten iron. I'll make it there if I can. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. You know, I think there is this awesome little town called Portland somewhere between Nevada and North Dakota. Just a little swing to the west and you can visit this girl who totaly misses you and would light up like a red sunset to see you. ;)
    What? Too far?
    How about a post card with a giant tree on it then?

  4. c'mon by slc and we can go for a hike up at snowbird!!!

  5. stay the F out of Seattle.

  6. i have no idea why i said that: just sounded good at the time...

    seattle is nice

  7. A cracks me up! Stay the F out of Seattle!


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