Wednesday, May 13, 2009

With Friends Like Pros...

Disclaimer: Don't follow any of these links if you don't want a cheesy rap song about (mostly) skiing stuck in your head.

I'm probably the last person to see it, but this video is about as good as they come. Especially the fact that it was for a huckfest contest. They were just in it to have fun and not to win; true shred ethic. To my ears, it sounds as good as any rap song out there, but that's not exactly my cup of Earl Grey. I also dig that some kids did a cover version. It's as good as any internet phenomenon. I'd rather watch that than some video of a cat flushing a toilet, for example. It's like skiing's answer to Gunther. High-larious!

What's not to like about this really. You could make a cover version for almost anything. Say you have a friend who's a poker pro and you're at a home poker tournament. It might come up. Perhaps your friend is a professional race car driver and you're riding shotgun. This song will find it's way into your head no matter what. And by 'this song' I mean the phrase, 'my friend's a pro.' Be sure to check out the full website and some of the writeups.

Where's snowboarding's internet sensation? Party Snake never made it. Gryme Tyme (AKA Mitch Reed)? I never know if he's serious or not. I'm thinking he is, but hoping for not. I just don't have my finger on the pulse well enough. Someone tell me what's up.

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  1. Bro. It was over the week you went on hiatus: Autotune As Main Joke passed from First Adopters to Mainstream SNL-watcher-types...

    For me--the OG of this whole shit; I deaded it months ago...the Katie Couric Verse was a nice re-up, but shit's been put to rest. The e-Nets move fast... Unfortunately for the skier dudes, they're still skiers...and really have no chance at winning anymore.

    I suppose I am Snowboarding's Internet Sensation, if you're really looking for one. I RUN SHIT.


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