Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Digital Relapse Week?

Digital Detox Week went pretty well for me. We got great weather here in Portland, I got outside a bunch and even exercised some. When I did stay inside, I was catching up on reading and catching up with friends and family. The Banff Mountain Film Festival was in town, so that was three nights of entertainment (moron the specifics next post). I probably spent half an hour a day online. That was last week.

The first two days of this week have been a total relapse. I'm back to my old ways: staying at the computer all day, obsessively checking my e-mail, facebook and youtube as if something important is going to happen, blogging... How important is this writing that I do? Ultimately, I hope to find the middle road, perhaps an hour a day. It all starts with getting out there right now. The Banff Mountain Film Festival was pretty cool, though, you should go check that out.


  1. bloggin's no joke blud. gotta stay plugged in at all times. Last week:

    you missed the rise (and hopefully the fall) of autotuned jokery shit. Katie Couric "on thin ice" verse is the ender the banger the capper to finish it all...slapchop rmx came too late.

    cnn was buggin on obama's "swagga."

    some other shit.

    I went to Hawaii and missed the entire Michael Phelps BongSmoking Thing... I hope whatever you did was worth it. Because the e-Nets is life bro.

  2. oh yeah and naked tazed wizard. That was heet.


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