Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tamarack Resort Gets Shut Down

Looks like one less option for Idaho shreds. I just caught this story on Outside Magazine's site. The bottom line is, well, the lack of a bottom line. Unable to get out of debt, the lifts stop running on March 5. Locals (and others looking for a story to tell) better get while the getting's good. I'd hold off on those 09-10 season passes, though, no matter how sweet the deal seems.

Only four days left...

Yeah and, um, anyone wanna buy a snow resort? Maybe some snowcats, rails, chairlifts? I'd love to be around for that going-out-of-business sale... All joking aside, it's a pretty sad day. Tamarack just started turning those lifts in 2004 and just last year hosted the final stop of the USSA Grand Prix series. Things were looking up for this toddler resort. Then it all comes crashing down so fast, just another victim of these rough times. Who knows, maybe some enterprising developer will snatch it back up or maybe it'll be the new poaching hot spot...

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