Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baldface 2009: First in a Series

Wow! I just got back from the best snowboard trip of my life. So good, it made me have a seizure. I'm not even kidding. Give me a minute to collect myself and I'll give you the whole story. If you just want the short version, here goes. I got there (Baldface Lodge near Nelson, BC) knowing nothing, no one and having no idea what I was in for. I left with dozens of new friends and life-changing experiences. Here's a teaser photo...

Cat access and 65cm of new snow, good times!

OK, more of the good stuff later; and I've got plenty, including face shots, shot skis off splitboards, biblical reenactments, mostly naked co-ed snow diving, spank tunnels, the list just doesn't stop. You will want to follow up on this one.


  1. Yea Graham. Glad you made it home safe.

  2. Spank tunnels must've Yohan's idea.

  3. stoked to read. start writin!

  4. Graham -

    Chappy of your apostles singing up at Baldface who unfortunately didn't get to know you that well but was glad that you were a good sport with all the Doobie Bros shit. Happy to see you're in good spirits and stoked that you got to go up there and go shreddin for the pure love. I've checked out more of your blog and it makes me even more convinced that I want to help you out a bit with your bills. The snowboarding industry needs more peeps like you for sure. Hit me up at and tell me where to send my donation.

    Jesus is just alright with me!!

  5. Wow Gag's was just telling me you have a blog and link to me. Read on Johans blog about your incident at Baldface and who Jesus is. Glad to hear you are okay and awesome you hung out with the guys!

  6. Jesus! What a trip! You have a heck of a great attitude my friend, and I'm really looking forward to reading more, and am now PLANNING on shredding with you next year, so you better be back in Nelson next year!

  7. Graham/Jesus/that "longhaired guy we gots to shakedown at the border like it's 1969"....stoked to follow your story, perspective on Baldface.....was one of the best 4 days of my shredding life, made even better by meeting guys like you, both Jeffs, Wibby and our Chappy, I would be happy to throw a few bucks in to the "evac/help me get my car back/twisted sacroilliac" kitty if you would accept it. I lost 3 times to you in darts, but only paid up once anyway, and I challenge you to a rematch next possible chance! I'm already saving my coins for the next chance work and the family cuts me loose to the Bald one.

    Quick on the recovery homie, and holler if you get to the Denver, CO area. GAGS


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